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BKS assesses the risks, identifies the threats and creates safe and secure environments by providing and training international certified professional Operators for you to live, work and travel in a perfect peace of mind.

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Black Knight Security-Sarl provides a single point of contact for you and all your securityrequirements.

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At Black Knight Security-Sarl, we understand that security is not just about protecting key personnel, it is about developing and maintaining operationally that providing optimal protection for corporateā€™s most valued assets.

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BKS will train you according to the same international standards set international accredited award body. Our instructors are active operators

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Always feel safe with Black Knight Security-Sarl App.

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All our security personnel goes through an intensive selection process that includes background checks, evaluation, assessment, physical fitness.

Maritime and Port Security Services

There is a Global need to develop and establish aprofessional operational oil, gas, yachts and maritimesecurity service capability in Africa.

Oil & Gas Security Services

Whether in Port or transiting High Risk Areas, BKS provides MSO and CPO Services for yachts, cruise, tanker.

Travel Management

Black Knight Security-Sarl provides a comprehensive support and specialist advisory services.

Secure Drive/Transportation and Fleet management

Our secure drivers are not just a driver but a security specialist with different skills set and are licensed to transport passengers.

CPO/ Executive and VIP Protection

BKS Close Protection service provides high-profile net worth clients, their families and corporate business with Close Protection that ensures their peace of mind.

In danger? A simple tap activates BKS Protect mobile service

Your safety is our pride.

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