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BKS was formed in 2013, to address a gap in the private security market in Guinea and West Africa for highly trained professional operators. BKS offers exceptionally high standards and service levels. At Black Knight Security-Sarl, we understand that security is not just about protecting key personnel, it is about developing and maintaining operationally that providing optimal protection for corporate’s most valued assets. We proud our self to be one of the leading Close Protection training provider in West and North Africa through our partner S.I.R.SLtd andGlobal Orange Security Ltd. BKS will train you according to the international standards and the same used to train our own operators. Our instructors are expert and specialist with skills and qualification from different international background, they’ll teach you their skills and knowledge but also practice them as they are still active Operators. BKS draws its training expertise from his collaboration and partnership with international professional companies like: S.I.R.S and Global Orange Security individuals who have served in the Special Force, Law Enforcement and or Specialized Security Operators. Black Knight Instructors are true international leaders in their disciplines and have taught and trained with the best in the world.

Black Knight Security-Sarl Vision is to provide a single point of contact for you and all your security requirements. We are an international Maritime, Close Protection and ICP training provider with a focus on the African continent. We provide security consultation and facilitation services both on land and at sea. BKS assesses the risks, identifies the threats and creates safe and secure environments by providing and training international certified professional Operators for you to live, work and travel in a perfect peace of mind

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All of our Protective Agents are qualified according to international standards in VIP Protection.Our personnel come from diverse backgrounds, with a substantial experience in Close Protection and VIP, MSO, Counter-terrorism, Investigation, surveillance and crowd management. All our security personnel goes through an intensive selection process that includes background checks, evaluation, assessment, physical fitness and proficiency in armed and unarmed protection skills and medical skill proficiency. Our Personnel goes through rigorous and highly demanding training both physically and mentally after recruitment and also have to pass their International Close Protection training. All Operators employed by BKS will have to qualify according to the international HABC Close Protection standards. Black Knight Security-Sarl invests significant time with the ISTQ training board in continual international training of our personnel, utilizing one of the most friendly training material and methods to ensure that all personnel maintain peak physical fitness and mental readiness

Black Knight Security-Sarl provides a comprehensive support and specialist advisory services to assist investor and travelers in assessing and mitigating travel and other risks around Africa. Black Knight Security-Sarl will ensure the safety and security of you and your staff when they are travelling. As your business expands you and your staff travel further, often to more challenging and hostile regions. Consultant services we provides are: Country risk assessments on political, security, and social risk factors, Regional terrorism threat assessments, Assessment of logistics and supply-chain risks, Advice relating to travel planning and policies. Good preparation and planning is the key to any successful Journey.

All of our Secure Drive personnel are trained in Advance driving, First Aid, Self-defense and Close Protection. We run vehicle checks and daily maintenance routines, ensuring the vehicle is fit and ready for purpose. You can rest assure that your safety and security remains our highest priority. Our secure drivers are not just a driver but a security specialist with different skills set and are licensed to transport passengers. Secure Drive/ Transportation is a security service provided to Business corporate and clients who require secure chauffeur services.

BKS puts executives and their families’ safety first, by providing a broad spectrum of protective services and using highly qualified Operators. A VIP Protection service is a specialized task and BKS is highly regarded and recognized professional International Close Protection Officer trainer and provider, each operation is tailored to suit your specific circumstances and requirements. BKS Close Protection service provides high-profile net worth clients, their families and corporate business with Close Protection that ensures their peace of mind. Black Knight Security works with a range of international specialized security companies to plan and implement cost-effective solutions to ensure the safety and security of executives and their family’s members. We realize that our client’s needs differ and, as result we have developed a comprehensive approach that will efficiently meet all our client’s demands and needs. Our jobs is to detect and prevent threats before they arise. These services include assistance in selection of accommodation, home and business premise security assessments, school assessments, route planning, and the provision of professional but discrete protection services.

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